Safeguarding Practice Weeks

Safeguarding Practice Weeks are held throughout each year and are an opportunity to raise awareness of important safeguarding issues and the resources available to support practitioners. 

Safeguarding Children Week 2023

In October 2023 the Isle of Wight LSCP and Hampshire LSCP held their inaugural safeguarding Children Week. The aim of the week was to enable all individuals working with children and families to feel confident in identifying the signs of abuse and neglect and to know how to record and respond to safeguarding concerns.

Monday: Supporting community and voluntary organisations (
Tuesday: Protecting from child exploitation (
Wednesday: Training Together. Learning Together. Safeguarding Together (
Thursday: Safeguarding unborn babies and infants (
Friday: Supporting parents and carers (

If you do one thing... (

Learning from Reviews 2024

Myth-busting and agency responsibilities

This week aimed to address the need for a different approach to learning from both national and local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews [LCSPRs].

LCSPRs provide valuable, in-depth insights into serious safeguarding cases, where a child has been seriously harmed or died and abuse or neglect is known or suspected. The reviews provide ‘a window on the system’ of multi-agency safeguarding practice. Find out more about learning reviews here.

The week highlighted the recurring themes or ‘perennial practice challenges’ from both national and local LCSPRs. 

These recurring issues cut across case reviews and auditing and include themes related, but not limited, to parent-oriented issues (such as domestic abuse, mental health and substance misuse), young carers, family engagement, information sharing / exchange and professional curiosity. 

Recognising, understanding and responding to these perennial challenges is essential for effective multi agency safeguarding practice.

But understanding perennial challenges is only the first step. The true impact comes from applying this learning to practice. Multi-agency practitioners must actively integrate lessons learned and the tools to support them into their daily practice.

The Learning from Reviews Toolkit , accompanying Safeguarding Theme Overview Pack . And additional resources provide practitioners with the information, training and tools to effectively understand and apply learning from reviews to safeguarding children on the Isle of Wight. 

Monday:  Learning from Reviews toolkit and Safeguarding Theme Overview Pack
Tuesday: Information exchange and risk and critical thinking
Wednesday: Family engagement, honest conversations, and professional curiosity
Thursday: Resolution, Disproportionality and Supervision
Friday: Myth-busting and agency responsibilities