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Verbal Bullying is:

  • Teasing
  • Sarcasm
  • Name Calling
  • Continually ignoring someone
  • Racist and/or sexual remarks

Physical Bullying is:

  • Taking your money or personal belongings
  • Pushing, hitting, kicking or punching
  • Sexual abuse, including unwanted physical contact or comments

Indirect Bullying is:

  • Spreading rumours or starting gossip about you
  • Getting you into trouble for no real reason
  • Excluding you
  • Sending you hurtful text messages, phone calls, or messages on social networking sites.

Do you feel that you, or someone you know is being bullied? Tell someone who you trust such as a parent/carer, teacher or friend. Do not suffer in silence.

If you're having a difficult time:

If you or a friend are in immediate danger call the Police on  999

Call 0800 11 11

If you’re struggling with your feelings, you're not alone. Young Minds have loads of practical tips and advice from young people just like you, as well as information on getting the support you need.