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Allegations Against Staff


If you believe that a child has been harmed by a person in a position of trust, you should contact the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) service.

The LADO service should be advised of all cases where it is alleged that a person who works with children has:

  • Behaved in a way that has harmed, or may have harmed, a child.
  • Possibly committed a criminal offence against, or related to, a child.
  • Behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicated s/he is unsuitable to work with children.

A person in a position of trust includes anyone who works with children in the course of their employment or in a voluntary capacity. Examples include:

  • Teachers and other members of school staff
  • County Council employees
  • Foster Carers
  • GPs
  • Nursing Staff
  • Police Officers
  • Probation Service staff
  • Voluntary sector staff, e.g. NSPCC
  • Volunteer workers in school or elsewhere

If you have a 'low level' concern about a member of staff, you should use the complaints procedure for your agency or organisation. The LADO service is happy for you to consult with them about low level concerns.

The LADO service also deals with complaints/ concerns about staff members where there is a suspicion of harm or abuse of a child, or where there is information that indicates they are not suitable to be working with children.

Click here to see the LADO process flowchart

It should be noted that whilst the age of consent for a sexual relationship is 16 years, any sexual relationship or sexual contact with a 16 or 17 year old by a person in a position of trust is still unlawful, even if 'consensual'.

The LADO service has online training available for use in staff meetings to explore allegations against professionals, how to manage them and guidance for staff on appropriate behaviour.

To report an allegation

For all initial contacts to the LADO service please submit an initial enquiry form (for enquiries and information). Initial enquiry forms will be reviewed by a LADO and advice provided as appropraite.

If further information is required, you maybe asked to complete a LADO notification form.

If you need to report an allegation you can contact the LADO service on 01962 876364