Safeguarding in Education

The Isle of Wight Safeguarding Children Partnership uses the annual Safeguarding in Education self-assessment audit return to ensure that all educational establishments across the Isle of Wight are meeting their safeguarding requirements, as set out in Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance.

Under section 14B of the Children Act 2004, the local safeguarding children partnership (LSCP) can require a school or college to supply information so that the LSCP can perform its quality assurance function.


Step 2 - Present the self-assessment audit tool

Present the self-assessment audit tool to the relevant accountable body (governing body, management committee or board) with the findings evidenced. The accountable body may find the audit guidance document useful to understand why the question is important and why it has been asked.

Once the tool has been presented, agree the development areas for the provision and what action will be taken to address any gaps.

Step 3 – Complete the Self-Assessment Audit Return form and tool

The self-assessment audit return form should be completed by the date provided by the IOWSCP and a completed copy of the self-assessment audit tool returned to to provide assurance in the first year of the revised process.

Step 4 - After the self-assessment audit

Following the completion of the self-assessment audit, the progress against action plan should be reviewed by the appropriate body, as part of the ‘challenge’ function that they hold.

The data from the returned forms is collected and reported back to the Local Safeguarding Children Partnership. As part of the assurance process, each year a number of schools will be selected for verification visits.