The Isle of Wight Safeguarding Children Partnership’s Workforce Development Subgroup are responsible for carrying out Training Needs Analysis annually and planning a programme of safeguarding training and development.

Our 2019/20 Training Programme is now available


How to Book:

  • Book your ticket on Eventbrite via the links in each training course below. We recommend you use the Eventbrite option to add the ticket/course to your Outlook calender.

Cancellations and Charges:

  • The IOWSCP provides fully funded training to their partner agencies.
  • At each course there will be a register listing those who have booked tickets. It is the responsibility of attendees to sign the register as a record of attendance.
  • If an individual cannot attend a course and a suitable candidate cannot attend in their place, please cancel the ticket via Eventbrite. To do this log into Eventbrite (you will have created an account to obtain a ticket), click on Your Tickets, then the appropriate ticket, and then Cancel Order. Should you experience any difficulties please contact us on 01983 814545 or
  • In an individual fails to cancel their ticket or cancels within 48 hours of a course, agencies will be charged a non-attendance fee of £120 (per whole training day).
  • No charge will be made if a suitable delegate is sent instead.

Please be aware that not all training venues/training rooms will be accessible to delegates before the start of a training course. We ask that should you arrive early please check with venue staff before accessing the training room.


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The Virtual College

The Virtual College have over 50 online courses available (all at Level 1 as defined by the Safeguarding Children Boards), of which a a number of key courses are included in our training plan below. A full list of what's available can be found here and access to these other courses is available here.

IOWSCP Annual Conference

Further details to follow soon

Date: 16th October 2019
(Not yet available to book)

Training Programme

General Safeguarding

Course Name Details Type Dates
Introduction to Safeguarding
(Level 1)
An online course for those who have occasional contact with children  Online (Online)
Safeguarding Children Refresher
(Level 1)
A statutory requirement for anyone who works with children to update their knowledge of legislation and guidance in order to maintain the ability to act on any concerns that reflect the welfare of children and young people. Online (Online)
Working Together to Safeguard Children
(Level 3)
This course provides an understanding to staff who regularly investigate and/or contribute to supporting children at risk of abuse and/or their families. This includes through multi-agency safeguarding procedures and assessing, planning, intervening and evaluating the needs of the child where there are safeguarding concerns. Further course details can be found here Face-to-face 13th June 2019
11th September 2019
11th February 2020
Working Together to Manage Staff who Safeguard Children
Course name to be confirmed

(Level 4)
Further details to follow soon Face-to-face 26-27th February 2020
( Not yet available to book )
(Level 3)
Always a popular course, it explores:
  • strategies for maintaining a child centred and 'authoritive' apporach with resistant families, without losing empathy and compassion
  • how to apply the thresholds chart
  • recognise characteristics and behaviours of families who are in a resistant relationship
  • recognise 'disguised compliance'
  • the importance of attachment history in family behaviours
  • the impact of fear and stress on infant resilience and survival
  • the crucial role of reflective supervision
  • and the question 'how long should we keep trying with this family?'

Further course details can be found here
Face-to-face 14th January 2020
15th January 2020
Understanding Pathways to Extremism and the PREVENT Programme
(Level 1)
An online course to give you an awareness of the radicalisation process so you feel confident about being proactive in taking a multi-agency approach to early intervention and support. Online (Online)
(Level 1)
This resource provides a flexible way of learning more about the Prevent duty and what individuals and organisations in the FE sector need to do. Other education sectors will also find it useful.There are modules for: Practitioners, Support Staff, Leaders and Managers, and Governors and Board members. Online (Online)
Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social Care or children’s and young people’s settings
(Level 1)
An online course designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to promote and implement equality and inclusion Online (Online)
Safer Recruitment
(Level 1)
Any employer or volunteer co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that staff and volunteers are recruited safely to work with children and young people. This course covers knowledge required by anyone recruiting so that best practice and legal safer recruitment requirements are met. Online (Online)
What Happens When A Child Dies
(Level 3)
2 hour course that focuses on professionals role and responsibilities when a child dies unexpectedly, providing an overview of the CDOP function and process and what warrants a Rapid Response.  Further course details can be found here Face-to-face 11th July 2019

Safeguarding Issues

Course Name Details Type Dates
Child Neglect
(Level 3)
An interactive course that enables professionals to recognise signs and indicators of children who are or maybe neglected. This course will:
  • look at the concept of significant harm/neglect
  • identify the indicators of the 4 types of neglect
  • discuss the concept of 'good enough' parenting
  • explore issues of assessing parental capacity to change
Further course details can be found here
Face-to-face 16th May 2019
17th December 2019
13th Feb 2020
Fabricated and Induced Illness (FII)
Further details to follow soon Face-to-face To be confirmed
Teenage Sexual Behaviours
(Level 2)
These workshops provide an opportunity in which to explore and consider information and views in relation to sexual relationships and behaviour between children and adolescents. Face-to-face To be confirmed
Wellbeing in Sexual Health
(Level 1)
Sexual Health is an important aspect of our physical and mental wellbeing. While sexual behaviour is to be regarded as a natural part of life, certain aspects can also have a negative impact on our health. Online (Online)
Family Approach to Parental Mental Ill Health, Domestic Abuse and Substance Misuse
(Level 3)
This course will develop attendees knowledge of the interplay between parental substance misuse, domestic abuse and/or mental ill health; it's impact on children and families, how risk is managed and what support is available from different agencies to improve the outcomes for all. Further course details can be found here Face-to-face 14th November 2019
21st November 2019
Parental Mental Health
(Level 1)
This online course looks at the main issues surrounding mental health in parents and focuses on how this can impact children and young people. It increases understanding of the causes and symptoms of mental health and knowledge of how to advise and support parents, children and young people. Online (Online)
Parental Substance Misuse
(Level 1)
This resource from the Social Care Institute for Excellence provides audio, video and interactivetechnology to assist in exploring parental substance misuse, its effects on children and parenting capacity and the implications for social work practitioners. Online (Online)
Basic awareness of domestic abuse including the impact on children
(Level 1)
This online course will help you to explain, describe and recognise the signs of domestic violence and neglect. It will help you identify ways to support victims, identify the 'dos and don'ts', recognise when it is appropriate to assist, know where and when to get help and be aware of best practice. Online (Online)
Parents with disabilities and the children who live with them Further details to follow soon Face-to-face To be confirmed
Children with disabilities - Especially sexual behaviours in adolescence Further details to follow soon Face-to-face To be confirmed
Missing, Exploited and Trafficked Children
This course provides participants with a greater understanding of CSE, trafficking and children who go missing. This will increase the ability of those working in safeguarding to identify those at risk, respond to incidents and follow the referral process. Further course details can be found here Face-to-face 3rd July 2019
16th October 2019
Safeguarding Children and Young People from Abuse by Child Sexual Exploitation
This course will increase awareness of the main issues in the sexual exploitation of children and young people and raises awareness of the legislation and guidance that applies to vulnerable groups and how these policies can be applied in practice. Aimed at anyone who comes into contact with children and young people during the course of their work. Online (Online)
An introduction to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Forced Marriage, Spirit Possession and Honour Based Violence
These are the four main types of abuse that stem from culture related traditions and this course increases awareness of specific cultural and religious needs whilst providing the knowledge practitioners need to be confident when conversing with those from a different cultural background around the subjects. Online (Online)
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
(Level 1)
The Home Office has launched a free online training package dealing with female genital mutilation (FGM), developed with Virtual College. It will give teachers, police, doctors, social workers and Border Force staff the training they need to help them identify and assist girls who are at risk of FGM. Online (Online)
Transitions – To be held jointly with the Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) Further information to follow soon Face-to-face To be confirmed
Hoarding issues – living in the home – To be held jointly with the Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) Further information to follow soon Face-to-face To be confirmed

Learning Workshops

Course Name Details Type Dates
Joint Learning Event – SCRs, DHRs, SARs
(Level 3)
The Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is responsible for carrying out Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) and both the LSCB and LSAB are responsible for carrying out reviews for adults and children.Following individual case reviews and learning workshops held by each strategic partnership, common themes in all of these reviews have been identified and there is benefit in exploring these across the childrens and adults workforce. This event will:
  • Explore the themes of information sharing and communication
  • Domestic abuse in SCRs, DHRs and SARs
  • Cover the Domestic Abuse Forum and new service provider
Further course details can be found here
Workshop 29th April 2019
Addiction, substance misuse and legal highs
Further information to follow soon Workshop To be confirmed
DASH Awareness Training
(Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour Based Violence)

The YouTrust IW are carrying out a half day session that will focus on Domestic Abuse, Stalking and 'Honour'-based Violence, also known as DASH. The aims and objectives for the session are:
  • Understanding the DASH
  • Why we ask the questions we do
  • How to complete DASH
  • How a DASH can help you assess risk
Training poster can be found here
Workshop 6th September 2019:
9am - 12.30pm
1pm - 4.30pm

8th November 2019:
9am - 12.30pm
1pm - 4.30pm
Family Approach Protocol
The overarching aim of the workshops is to launch the Hants, IOW, Portsmouth and Southampton Adult and Child Family Approach Protocol and Toolkit.

The workshop will use information from the toolkit to support professionals from both children and adult sectors to understand how issues including mental health, substance misuse, domestic violence learning disabilities and negect affect all family members including children (as well as unborn babies) and adults at risk as defined in the Care Act 2014.

Delegates will look at how the needs of children and/or adults living with hidden harm impact on the whole family, and the importance of early identification of these needs and effective communication between services is important in order to support those at risk and their families.

Click here to see available dates on the mainland Click here to see available dates on the mainland

Toolkit is available here
Protocol is available here
Workshop 12th June 2019
18th June 2019
Keeping Children Safe Online
These 2 hour information sessions provide parents, carers and professionals with what children are doing, accessing and viewing online, what controls can be put in place and how to manage the risks (including internet, app and website settings).

Free to attend it's highly recommended by us and previous attendees.

Poster available here

Event locations are:

July 2019 - Ryde Upper School with Chine
October 2019 - Hunnyhill Primary School, Newport
February 2020 - St Saviour's Catholic Primary School, Totland.
2nd July 2019
15th October 2019
25th February 2019
Multiagency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Information Sharing
This workshop will help frontline practitioners/managers find out more about the MASH and how it functions, as well as having an opportunity to have face to face contact with MASH staff and ask any questions about the referral process. 

Poster available here

Event Locations are:
September 2019 - Honeyhill Room, Riverside Centre, Newport
March 2020 - Conference Room 5, County Hall, Newport
18th September 2019:
9am - 12pm
1pm - 4pm

4th March 2020:
9am - 12pm
1pm - 4pm

Risk assessing CSE/CCE (SERAF)
Further information to follow soon Workshop To be confirmed
Safeguarding Supervision
Further information to follow soon Workshop To be confirmed
Looked After Children (LAC)
Further information to follow soon Workshop To be confirmed

Other Training Available

Course Name Details Type Dates
Community Partnership Information Form (CPI) Information Sessions Hampshire Police are holding free events across Hampshire and the IOW for professionals specific to Child Criminal Exploitation, County Lines and the sharing of information with the police using the Community Partnership Information Form (CPI). Workshop

Click here to book

Friday 28th June 2019 10:00 – 12:00 (arrival from 09:45)

The Hampshire Suite @ Apollo Hotel, Aldermaston Roundabout, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 9NU


Monday 8th July 13:00 – 15:00 (arrival from 12:45)

The Inspiration Suite @ Village Hotel Portsmouth, Lakeshore Drive, Portsmouth, PO6 3FR

Isle Of Wight

Monday 23rd September 2019 13:00 – 15:00 (arrival from 12:45)

The Trafalgar Room @ Riverside Centre, The Quay, Newport, PO30 2QR
DSL Conference The one day event for Designated Safeguarding Leads in Schools and Colleges will provide information, awareness and key updates on a range of topics on both a national and local level. Key input will be provided by social care, educaiton police and health representatives as well as other speakers.
Face-To-Face 15th July 2019
To book click here
Sexual Behaviours:
Traffic Light Tool Training
Brook's nationally recognised Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool training provides a highly visible, multi-agency response that helps professionals identify and respond apppropriately to sexual behaviours. This indepth course aims to:
1. Recognise sexual behaviours and differentiate between those which are developmental/health and those which are unhealthy/harmful.
2. Explore your own values and understand how they impact on decision making
3. Develop a common language around development and unhealthy sexual behaviours
Face-To-Face Various dates available through July, September, November and January 2020 are available. Visit the IWC website here for details