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What is child abuse

Every family is different, but all children should be kept safe, feel loved, and get an education. All children need to feel safe and have rules and boundaries.

Most parents/carers do everything they can to look after their children, but some may have difficulties with this and there are adults whose job it is to help them with that.

Most parents/carers do everything they can to protect their children and make sure they’re brought up in a loving and caring environment, but families can sometimes have difficulties and children may suffer as a result.

All adults need to keep children safe and if an adult is worried about a child, they must do something about this.

Being badly treated or abused is defined as Neglect , Physical Abuse , Emotional Abuse or Sexual Abuse.


When you are not being looked after properly, for example, not getting enough to eat or being left alone in dangerous situations or not being taken to see the Doctor or Nurse.

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Physical Abuse

When an adult hurts you on purpose, such as hits, shakes, throws things at you, burns you or hurts you in any way.

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Emotional Abuse

When you are being unfairly blamed for everything, or told you are stupid and made to feel unhappy.

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Sexual Abuse

When you are pressured or forced into sexual activities, taking rude photos, being touched in a way you don't like or being forced to watch something sexual.

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Domestic Abuse

When a member of your family threatens, bullies or hurts another adult or child.

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When someone hurts you by calling you names, spreading rumours about you or getting you into trouble. This can happen in person or online.

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Children say that they want:

  • Adults to notice when things are worrying them, to understand, to listen and to help
  • To have stable and trusting relationships with adults who are helping them
  • To be respected, and told about decisions that may affect them
  • To be listened to, have their views taken seriously and be involved in making any decisions
  • To have someone help them put their views forward if they need it

Trusted Adult:

A trusted adult is someone chosen by a child or young person as a safe person who you can turn to for help. They are someone you have a good relationship with. They will listen to you, take you seriously and not judge you.


Worried About A Child or Friend or Do You Need Help?

If there is immediate danger call Police on 999

Call 0800 11 11