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Local Resources


Local Services

Adolescent to Parent Violence (APV) 
Domestic Abuse and Sexual Crime Service - Website  ( Paragon)
Domestic Abuse and Sexual Crime Service - Leaflet (Paragon)
Domestic Abuse and Sexual Crime Service - Referral Form (Paragon)
Domestic abuse referral pathway and flowchart
Drug and Alcohol Service - Introduction letter (Inclusion IOW)
Drug and Alcohol Service - Professionals leaflet  (Inclusion IOW)
Drug and Alcohol Service - Referral form (Inclusion IOW)
Early Help Assessments Leaflet
Hants & IOW Educational Psychology (HIEP) Telephone Support Line
Fearless - Crimestoppers' youth service - Professionals training flyer
Independent Sexual Violence Advisor - Leaflet and  Referral Form
Independent Child Trafficking Guardians (ICTG) - Leaflet
Reducing parental conflict - Professionals leaflet , families leaflet
Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Service and Referral Form  
Youth Offending Teams (YOTs)

Local Guidance

4LSAB Multi-Agency Safeguarding Policy and Guidance 
Bruising in Young Babies (Information for Parents and Carers)
Children's Reception Team (CRT) & Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) FAQs 
CSA medical examination leaflet for children  
CSA medical examination leaflet for parents  
Child protection medical examination leaflet for parents  
Child protection medical examination leaflet for children
Elective Home Education
Hoarding Guidance
Missing, Exploited and Trafficked Children Flowchart (Once identified)
MAPPA - 1 minute guide
Modern Slavery - Hampshire & IOW Partnership Strategy
Modern Slavery - Partnership website
Modern Slavery - National Guidance
Modern Salvery - National Referral Mechanism (NRM) Child Victim Pathway for new referrals
Professionals Meeting - Guidance on when to call a meeting
Suicide Postvention Protocol
Thresholds Chart   
Worried About A Child Poster

Local Forms

CERAF - Form
CERAF - Guidelines
CERAF - Publication poster
Learning Inquiry Group (LIG) - Case Referral Form
Learning Inquiry Group (LIG) - Case Referral Flowchart
Learning Inquiry Group (LIG) - Methodologies Menu
IARF Form -  Inter-Agency Safeguarding Referral Form
CPI Form -  Community Partnership Information Sharing Form

IOWSCP Toolkits and Strategies

Adolescent Strategy
Adolescent Toolkit
Every Sleep Counts Toolkit
Family Approach Protocol
Family Approach Toolkit
ICON Toolkit
Neglect Strategy  
Neglect Toolkit


HIPS Spotlight On

The Safeguarding Children Partnerships across Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton produce regular briefings to highlight changes and promote awareness and understanding of key policies. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the changes, and, circulate to your networks
Accessible here.

HIPS Child Exploitation Group Newsletters

Newsletter - Spring 2022
Newsletter - Winter 2021
Newsletter - Autumn 2021
Newsletter - Summer 2021  
Newsletter - Spring 2021

Education Newsletters

Good News Story - Autumn 2021
Good News Story - Autumn 2020  
Good News Story - Summer 2020


IOW helpline for vulnerable Islanders – 01983 823 600 , available 9-5pm
Autism Service Hub - 07498 500607
Children's Society abuse poster
Child Protection Conferences – Information and key principles for partners
Coronavirus - Children's Guide  (Children's Commissioner)
Health - Parent/Carer advice for children's health during Covid-19
How to reduce the spread of infection
How to wash your hands  
Mental Health - Crisis Line for Children and Young People - Comms - Poster   - Booklet
Mental Health - Isle of Wight mental health hub
Mental Health -
  Isle of Wight Positive Minds
Self-harm - Resources for professionals and parents/carers to support children
Further advice and guidance is available on the Isle of Wight Council’s website

Gov.uk links

CONTEST Strategy for Countering Terrorism (including PREVENT)
Criminal Exploitation of children and vulnerable adults: County Lines
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Guide to Coroner Services (Ministry of Justice)
Keeping Children Safe in Education
National Protocol on Reducing Criminalisation of Looked-After Children
National Referral Mechanism Guidance
National Referral Mechanism Referral Forms
What to do if you're worried a child is being abused: Advice for practitioners
Working Together To Safeguard Children 2018